The only GSA certified hard drive shredder in New Mexico

NMCR's hard drive shredder is the best on the market, and the only machine that guarantees complete data destruction. Others will tell you that punching a hole in the hard drive will suffice, but it's still easy to obtain information from that drive. Learn more >>>

Before You Trust, Visit Us!

Before you trust someone to destroy your sensitive data, visit us and we'll show you how we handle e-waste. 505-401-6911

Free, Safe, and Secure RecyclingRecycling is Free & Secure

We accept just about anything with a plug, and it costs you nothing! Learn more >>>

Providing computer and electronic recycling for the public, federal/state agencies, schools, and private business

New Mexico Computer Recyclers does not sell computer equipment to third world countries. We only work with those organizations that follow the strictest EPA and State of NM guidelines and procedures when recycling E-Waste material. Learn more >>>

We utilize the best hard drive and data shredder on the market

We want you to feel secure in knowing that all data provided to us – whether hard drive, cd/dvd, usb drive, or mobile device – will be completely destroyed.