Recycling Process

Our E-Waste recycling policies and procedures are some of the best in the southwest. We only work with those organizations that adhere to the strictest EPA guidelines and procedures when recycling unusable E-Waste material.

We can provide hard drive shredding documentation to verify the destruction of hard drive data.

Here’s how it works:

eWasteSeparation: Re-usable / working computer equipment is separated for future refurbishing and or donation. Equipment that is selected as “non-usable” is marked for dismantling and recycling.

Recycling: Equipment that is selected for recycling is completely dismantled. All internal components such as motherboards and power supply units as well as the internal devices are removed from the cases. At no time do we discard unwanted equipment in trash receptacles or the landfill.




We utilize the best hard drive and data shredder on the market

We want you to feel secure in knowing that all data provided to us – whether hard drive, cd/dvd, usb drive, or mobile device – will be completely destroyed.